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shoesON :: - Autoryzowany sklep Adidas Originals

SHOESON - strona główna

Regulamin sklepu

Terms & Conditions -

Section 1
1. This online shop is operated by shoesON Poland (the “Vendor”), a company registered in Poland, ul. Mickiewicza 12, office no 10, 14-400 Paslek, REGON 280508253, VAT ID (TIN) 578-274-45-84. A company number in register administered by Mayor of Paslek is 3811/10
2. Orders can be placed by adults and companies (collectively the “Customers”). Orders placed by minors must be accepted by legal guardians.
3. The online shop offers shoes, clothes and clothes accessories (collectively the “Goods”).
4. Accepted forms of payment:
• by a bank transfer
• by a credit or debit card through integrated secure payment system
• by an online bank transfer through integrated secure payment system
• by a cash payment on receiving a delivery.
5. By placing an order Customers agree information about them will be collected and administered for purposes of transactions and marketing by the Vendor. The Customers have right to check and rectify any personal data.

Section 2
1. Orders can be placed through:
a. online shop
b. e-mail:
2. The Customers receive confirmation of an order on their email provided on a registration, in an online order form or on a telephone. Until confirmation of processing the order, the terms, including price, delivery time and the Goods characteristics, may change.
3. Orders are processed and the Goods shipped after full payment is received by the Vendor. Selecting Cash On Delivery as a method of payment, orders are proceeded to execution after receiving confiramtion from customer regarding all provided delivery data.
4. The Goods are delivered by a shipping company.
5. Guaranteed delivery time is 3 working days from date when the Goods where handed to the shipping company. In case of unexpected circumstances the delivery date may be postponed and customer will receive relevant information.

Section 3
1. All orders are subject to availability of the Goods in stock.
2. In case of unavailability of a part of ordered Goods, Customers are informed which Goods are out of stock and are entitled to choose how the Vendor will proceed with orders (e.g. partial shipment, delayed shipment, cancellation of order, choosing different products from offer).

Section 4
On the Customers demand VAT invoice may be provided. In other cases Goods are shipped with proof of purchase. It is presumed that proof of purchase was delivered if Costumers do not notify the contrary within 10 days from delivery date.

Section 5
Customers are not entitled to cancel the order after Goods are shipped.

Section 6
Prices are in Polish zloty and include VAT. Listed prices are valid for the time of placing order. The Vendor reserves right to amend prices at any time, amendment cannot influence price of the Goods confirmed for process. Offers and promotions in online shop are subject to availability and the Vendor may change or withdraw them at any time and without notice. Nothing shall oblige the Vendor to maintain offers or promotions for any period. Additional terms may apply, details of which will be displayed.

Section 7
1. Customers are entitled to exchange or to return delivered Goods at any time within 30 days period by appropriate statement. The Goods are returned by the Customer on his cost.
2. Returned or exchanged Goods should be send with VAT invoice or proof of purchase and written statement mentioned in point 1. Statement form can be found on
3. Returned or exchanged Goods should be send in the original complete package and without noticeable marks of usage.
4. Proceeding of exchange or return may take up to 14 days after the Vendor receives the returned Goods.
5. In case of not fulfilling conditions of exchange or return the Goods are re-delivered at the cost of Customer after making a 20 PLN transfer to the Vendor account.
6. If conditions of return are fulfilled, refunds are made within 5 days after the decision is made by the Vendor. From the amount of return there's deducted an operating fee of 20 PLN. Refunds are made directly to the Customer bank account.
7. The Goods can be exchanged for other products which price cannot be higher than price of exchanged goods.
8. If conditions of exchange are fulfilled, the Customers are informed within 2 days by email or by telephone about availability of other products that they can exchange for. Customers are allowed 5 days to decide about exchange, the entitlement to exchange expires after that time.
9. Price offer valid for exchange cannot be from earlier date than a day when vendor receives statement from the Customer.
10. The Vendor reserves right to deduct up to 25% of value of purchased Goods to compensate any damage to original package.
11. The Goods delivered in exchange are not subject to right to exchange or return.
12. The Goods imported on special Customers request are not subject to right to exchange or return.

Section 8
1. The Goods are delivered by shipping company.
2. Customers are obliged to examine the completeness of content and package of the delivery in presence of courier. If there is any damage or incompleteness a complaint note should be written. The courier has appropriate complaint form. Only such complaint note entitles the Customer to claim a refund or exchange.
3. The Vendor does not accept COD packages.
4. The Vendor refunds any cost of post and package after compliment is hold valid. The Customer is obliged to provide a proof of paying costs (e.g. proof of sale, VAT invoice).
5. All complains are proceeded within 14 days from receiving.
6. Faulty Goods or damaged during delivery will be exchanged for new products. If a product is no longer on the offer the Customer can choose between refund or another products from our offer. The price of new product cannot be higher than the price of original purchase.

Section 9
This purchase is subject to Polish law, any dispute arising under or connected to it will be decided by the Polish courts.

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Opinie klientów

2011.02.17 o SILAS PRO [9]

Buty bardzo fajne, solidnie wykonane.

2011.11.02 o GAZELLE OG [10,5]

Genialne klasyki. Idealnie miękkie i wygodne. Wszystko szybko i sprawnie. Polecam.